Transit of Venus

final copy


Partial Solar Eclipse – 2012

Star trails

The 4m Mayall Dome.

Yes the polaris is not motionless!

Kitt Peak at Night

a meteor captured in another frame.

8 July, 2009. Tucson, Arizona.

The actual Sunset

Some other built scopes

60mm f/6 achromatic refractor. This is one of the best scopes I have ever built. Everything just happened to be so fit together. The body is basically all PVC pipe, thus is it very lightweight, and you can take it out in parts if you want. The hole you see near focal plane is hole of a quadriple junction PVC. When I was collecting the spare parts I just accidentally came up with this piece of PVC junction, and amazingly this thing happen to be a  very good ventilator in winter condition. It is a serious issue in winter because the temperature difference between inside and outside easily reach more than 60 degrees in Mongolia. The objective is a custom cemented crown and flint pieces of glass from nobsk-optics originally, and yields a very high quality image.

75mm f/20 refractor.

My 1st built telescope

simple achromatic 55mm f/8 refractor built when I was 14.

Moon Venus conjunction

Moon and Venus conjunction seen outside of my apt.complex.

Canon 400D, kit lens.

11 Mar, 2009. Tucson, Arizona.

Kitt Peak National Observatory



Small/~5″/ yellow guide scope is the oldest piece of glass at Kitt Peak

From the rooftop of the 0.9m scope looking north

looking south

More shots from MMT

quick shot from the MMT door. The background glow is from Tucson.

The 6.5m primary mirror of the MMT.

17 Sep, 2008. Tucson, Arizona.